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"Making informed financial decisions just got a whole lot easier ..."

Financial Calculators 3.0


Download this fabulous suite of 16 easy-to-use financial calculators ... and take the guesswork out of planning your financial success!

"Makes planning a breeze!" I was interested to know what the real costs of buying a home would be  before I took the plunge. These calculators made the whole planning process so easy. Thank you.

J Macleod (Tradesman)

Turramurra, NSW

"Saved me a fortune" We used the insurance calculators and found out that we'd been insuring our properties for way too much. Now our insurance premiums have reduced by hundreds!

D Harrington (Investor)

Manuka, ACT


I heard a saying once that went something like this ...

"if you don't know where you are going then it doesn't really matter how you get there"

Regrettably, for most people, plans for financial success are vague at best - and without quick, easy access to the right tools to help them make informed financial decisions, most aren't just failing to plan, their planning to fail!

Now, with Financial Calculators 3.0, you can own 16 powerful, easy-to-use financial calculators that can play an integral role in making your financial decisions.

Whether you're thinking of buying or refinancing a home, reviewing your household insurances ... or need help in planning for specific financial goals, you'll love these invaluable tools

In fact, I guarantee it!

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The guarantee is simple. If, for any reason, at any time within 90 days of purchase, you are not completely satisfied with this package - I will refund 100% of your money. No questions asked. You can even keep the calculators if you wish.

That's how confident I am that you'll LOVE THESE TOOLS!

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Here's what you get in your Financial Calculators 3.0 download.

Important Note: This product is NOT shareware. When you download your copy of Financial Calculators 3.0 you get all 15 powerful, fully functional, working calculators that you can use on your computer without any additional licensing costs.

1. net worth calculator

How are you travelling financially? Before you can plan for financial success, you need to know where you are now! This simple-to-use net worth calculator will help  measure where you are now in relation to where you should be financially ... for your current age and income.

2. financial goals calculator

Do you have financial goals ... but just don't know exactly what you need to achieve them? Use this tool to work out precisely what you need to do to turn your dreams into reality.

3. home insurance calculator

How much is enough? Use this priceless calculator to help work out the insurable value of your home.

4. contents insurance calculator

This simple tool guides you room-by-room through the task of calculating how much household contents insurance cover you really need.

5. car loan calculator

Thinking of borrowing money to buy a new or used car? The car loan calculator will show you how much it will cost.

6. car lease calculator

If leasing a car is your preferred option, this great tool will illustrate repayments at various interest rates and residual values.

7. home loan repayments calculator

If you want to know what will happen to your mortgage repayments if you increase your borrowings ... or if there's a change in interest rates, this easy-to-use calculator will tell you exactly what you want to know.

8. home refinance comparison calculator

Sometimes refinancing a home loan can mean significant savings ... but sometimes the changeover costs can present you with a nasty surprise. This priceless tool takes the guesswork out of knowing whether it's beneficial to refinance in your particular circumstance ... or not!

9. Australian payday tax calculator

Here's a fast and easy way to work out in an instant the amount of tax and take-home pay applicable to any income.

10. credit card repayment calculator

Want to get rid of credit card debt? Use this invaluable tool to help work out your strategy quickly and easily.

11. fortnightly home loan repayment calculator

This calculator will show you exactly how much you could save by increasing the frequency of your loan repayments from monthly to fortnightly.

12. extra repayment home loan calculator

Even small amounts paid regularly in addition to your usual mortgage payment can slash years off your loan and save thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars in interest. This calculator will show you how much YOU can save.

13. personal loan calculator

Personal loans offer a great way to finance just about anything ... and this calculator will quickly help you work out the overall cost.

14. retirement savings calculator

Use this excellent tool to find out whether your retirement savings plans are on track!

15. life insurance calculator

This fabulous tool analyses your individual circumstances, needs and desires in order to calculate the desired amount of life insurance cover for your situation

16. income protection insurance calculator

Use this simple tool to calculate quickly the amount of income insurance that you are entitled to.

Additional Resources

In addition to the 16 calculators above, we also give you instant access to some of the best Australian websites providing free financial information and services

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Why Only The Minority Are Rich

by Yigit Djevdet

It's an ancient question which boasts answers in almost every corner of knowledge and experience.

Here you'll get the inside information that may just give you what you need to be one of the minority!


The Most Amazing Money Saving Tips Of All Time

by Palyn Peterson

At any time in history, no matter what the state of the economy, irrespective of current trends, unemployment levels or where interest rates lurk, some money-saving tips stay true.


9 Steps To Get Out Of Debt

by Jeremy Zongker

Being free of debt is an important part of achieving financial independence.

Jeremy takes you step-by step through the process of how to become debt-free and, importantly, how to stay that way.


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Why Only The Minority Are Rich

by Yigit Djevdet


The Most Amazing Money Saving Tips Of All Time

by Palyn Peterson


9 Steps To Get Out Of Debt

by Jeremy Zongker




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